About Us


Farmers from generations, we are on these lands how long the great-grandfather Luigi, of Tuscan origins, in 1902 exceeded the ridge and gained these small farms.  Today, thanks to the work of our grandfathers and parents who have always breeded and cultived and also take care of the territory, has been restored and used to farm holiday an ancient building and from the April of 2000 we accommodate all those who want to know these valleys and mountains, our people, our work and our traditions.  The whole business complex extends it on the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano in the Valley of the river Idice. The agricultural firm, had entirely converted to biological production since 1993 (certified by Ground Health), it is of around 155 hectares of which 85 of wood ceduo of oaks and the remainders 70 hectares are cultivated to bowline, wheat, favino and medical grass.
At 400 meters away from the agricultural firm and on the shore from the river Idice, restructuring an old hamlet, we have drawn the Paper Mill of the Benandantis. The name is due to its ancient origin and use, since the building was built at the end of 1500 and was used as paper mill, where straw and rags were turned into paper using the water and the strength of the river.
The Benandantis belonged to the agrarian cults of the epoch. They were of the good wizards, that wandered about for the countries, propitiating picked and fighting every sort of maleficio and witchcraft. Readapted to agricultural house in 1700, it is agriturismo in which we offer lodging and comfort now.