Direct Sale

The principal activity is the breeding of milk cattle. To feed them are used forages and cereals of our production. We raise, besides, meat cattle that we directly sell to private or to specialized butcheries. During the winter, the cut of the lumber of oak to be burnt completes our activities. §In our shop(open Thursday and Friday in the morning and Saturday Sunday the whole day) we sell the cheeses that we produce in our dairy; we take the bookings for the cassette of meat (it contains all the cuts of the calf, in proportion to the cuts of the animal) and we also sell fresh biological products, transformed or manufactured by other agricultural producers of the zone or cooperatives of producers. In fact, besides our cheeses to our bovine meat, to our vegetables, you can find fresh fruits of season, fruit’s juices, cheeses as pecorino and of goat, parmesan cheese, meats of pig, cereals (soups of bowline and farro, laughed) trails of tomato and seasonings, vegetables preserved in oil and pickled, pasta, oil extra-virgin of olive, pasta of every kind, flours of wheat and corn, local wines, coffee, thè and tisane, liqueurs.. and still more!

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€ 11,40 to the Kg. if Scottona (Vitellona female)

€ 10,80 Euro to the kg. (Vitellone male)

Indicative Cost for the purchase of a cassette:  € 140 – € 148 Euro

For information and bookings call the 051 6551498 /051 6551464


A Cassette “Type” From Around 13 KG Contains the following quantities and cuts:

Beefsteaks Kg. 2,00                                         - Stew Kg. 1,50

- Fillet/Top sirloin Kg. 0,40                             - Ossobuco Kg. 0,60

- Fiorentine Kg. 1,60                                          - Rubbery (from broth or braised / stracotto) Kg. 0,80

Broth duplicate Kg. 2,00                               - Roast Beef Kg. 1,00

- Ground select Kg. 2,10                                   - Roast Kg. 1,00.


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PRICE LIST CHEESES 2014 (to the Kg.)

• Caciotta of cow Seasoning 40/60 days (forms from around 1 kg)  € 9,00

• Caciotta of cow Seasoning 60/90 days( forms from around 900 grs.)  € 9,50

• Squaquerone of 3 days aged- expiration 10 ggs into tubs of 400 grs. around € 8,00

• Ricotta Expiration 4 ggs. In tubs of 400 grs. or of 1 kg, around  € 7,00