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The kitchen that we propose is that traditional bolognese.

All the ingredients and the first ingredients that we use are of biological origin. Pasta is thrown to hand with the rolling pin. Possible ingredients not biologicals will be flagged. The agriturismo is at 4 km by the Tuscany and it’s for this reason that our kitchen it’s contaminated in fact, the families of the polesine, were putted up in our lands in the period of the flood. So they introduced a dish, by now typical Tuscan: tortelli of pumpkin and walnut-trees.

The menù is fixed but, every day, for the lunch and to dinner too, we propose some variations according to the season. Once sat on the table, the taste of two first dishes will be introduced and then ,two seconds with respective contours, cheeses, sweet to choice and, to end, fresh fruit of season (on request). Coffee, liqueurs, digestive and among the nocino that we produce, will cheer your conversations. Sometimes we serve appetizers, two first and a second in portions not too big to allow to let you taste with care the various dishes but to the more gluttons we gladly offer an encore!

We list you for convenience and completeness the typical dishes that we propose in the weekend, from Friday to the Sunday to lunch: